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There are many areas that we would love you to get involved in the life of the church.

If St. Michaels is your home church and you would like to get involved in serving as part of the church family, or have another question about getting more involved in the life of the church, please fill in the form below.

Here's a list of the various teams & who leads each one:
Readers [services ] – Marion Andrews
Prayer [ services ] –Eira Rowe
Morning Coffee [ services ] – Barbara Wheeler
ReFresh Teas [ services ] –Julia Tooth
Welcomers / sidespeople [ services ] – Marion Andrews [ mornings] + Sue Noden [ ReFresh ]
Music group [ services ] –Carolyn Bull
Setting up/verger team [ services ] – Gill Thorne
Youth Team - Creche/Children’s Church [ services ] – Gudrun Thomas
AV/ICT support Team [ services ] – Roger Noden
Chalice Team [ invitation only ] – Julia Tooth
Youth Team – Chattertots [ Tuesdays ] – Gudrun Thomas
Youth Team – Youth Emmaus [ Mondays ] – Gudrun Thomas
Youth Team – ICE clubs – Gudrun Thomas
Youth Team – Bumps and Babies [ Fridays ] – Gudrun Thomas
Monthly Prayer Group – Eira Rowe
Prayer Ministry [ invitation only ] – Jean Hodgkiss
Social/Catering Team – Maureen Willcocks
Open Church Team – Julia Tooth
Flower Team – Denise Williams
Cleaning Team – Barbara Wheeler
Gardening Team [ Tuesdays ] – Gill Thorne
Admin Team – Julia Tooth
Communication Team – Kathy Rowden
Lunchbox [ Wednesdays ]- Gail Hayes
Chatterbox [ Fridays ] – Julia Tooth
Magazine Team – Julia Tooth
Pastoral Team – Sue Noden
‘Lucerne friends’ – c/o Julia Tooth
Bereavement Support Team – c/o Julia Tooth
Fete Team – Alan Douglas
Fabric and Finance Committee – Roger Noden
Grant funding/Resources Committee – Brian Willcocks
Occasional Choir – Michael Andrews
Homegroups – Kathy Rowden
Little Big Band – Carolyn Bull
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St Michaels Alphington - we meet at
St. Michael's Church
Rectory Drive
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Revd. Mike Partridge email:

01392 662280 (church admin. office, when the church is open)
Or, when church is closed:

Getting married or baptised?
Please phone 07562 144 439, to make an appointment for an interview with a member of staff to discuss your enquiry.
This line is open on
Mondays 1.00pm to 4.00pm
Thursdays 10.00am to 1.00pm