Lextio Divina 'Home group'

Ash's new group, held every Thursday morning in church, will be restarting once Ash has recovered form his foot operation.
Check weekly notices.

This  group is suitable for anyone who would like to find out more about the Bible through time to read & reflect, chat to others informally about what the text means and, of course, enjoy fellowship with others in our church family.
You do not need to know anything about the Bible already, no-one will ask you to read  or pray aloud, unless you'd like to. If you'd feel more comfortable just listening instead of joining in the conversation, that's fine. The group is open to anyone wanting to explore their faith and the Bible - whether you've been a follower of Jesus for years or are have only recently started exploring the Christian faith.
If you'd like to come along, contact Ash Leighton-Plom directly on aescleal@gmail.com or contact Kathy Rowden (Home group coordinator) kathrowden@aol.com

Kathy Rowden, 29/05/2018

 Church Life 
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St Michaels Alphington - we meet at
St. Michael's Church
Rectory Drive
Exeter EX2 8XJ
Email: enquiries@alphingtonstmichaels.org

Revd. Mike Partridge email: rector@alphingtonstmichaels.org

01392 662280 (church admin. office, when the church is open)
Or, when church is closed:

Getting married?
Need your banns to be called?
You want your child christened?
For the Parishes of Alphington,
Shillingford St George, and Ide
Please e-mail    christenings@alphingtonstmichaels.org           or                      weddings@alphingtonstmichaels.org               (as appropriate)
or alternatively telephone (01392) 662280 
These will allow us to arrange an initial interview for you with the Rector (Rev Mike Partridge).